Display Cases

Keep fingers and dust off your model forever.  Display cases are designed to protect and enhance your model's beauty and will add a “museum like” touch to your model presentation. We offer several types of display cases.

Mahogany Framed Plexigas Display Cases- These display cases are only made-to-order with a build time of 6-8 weeks. Our Mahogany/Plexiglas Display cases are shipped in a flat carton, and require a quick and easy assembly upon arrival. 10 minutes and a screw driver is all that will be needed.  We do not ship glass panels but they may be cut to order, locally, when the case arrives using the Plexiglas as a template. For your ordering conveinence we offer our Mahogany/Plexiglas display cases in several popular sizes.  If you don’t see a display case size that works for your model, we can build a case to your specifications.

If you are ordering a Mahogany/Plexiglas display case along with your model, unless otherwise requested, we will ship the display case at the same time as the model. So you will receive to two packages. Upon request, we can pre-mount your model inside the display case, as shown in the aircraft carrier model example above, for models up to 24 inches long.

Custom built cases are our specialty!   Please contact us for a quote on a made-to-order display case. When requesting a quote for a custom build display case, please provide the desired INTERIOR dimensions, allowing for "breathing room" space between the model and interior walls.

Acrylic Display Cases -  These cases are one piece and are matched with the model display base for a precise “shoe box like” fit. This option is only available for model sizes up to 24 inches long. These Acrylic display cases are not sold separately - they are only available with a purchased model.

Glass with Brass Angle Display Cases - Each case is offered with a choice of mahogany or oak base, 1/8 double strength glass top and solid brass angles on the glass sides. Glass cases are only made-to-order and are limited to 36 inches long models. Every case is shipped complete and fully assembled. Just install your model or item and you’re done!

Preassembled Wood Framed Display Cases/Tables - These cases are generally in stock and can ship within 72 hours. Payment in full is required with the order.  Each case is fully assembled (cases with table legs have the legs folded and will require assembly) and is securely packaged with thick foam layers inside a wooden crate and shiped safely via FedEx ground. The product selection is limited to what is shown on our website, no substitutions or customization is available.

Flight Cases - Moving your model around? A trade show perhaps? We also offer "Roadie Cases" - Heavy Duty Transportation Cases for transporting the model and display case to and from various locations. Orders for Heavy Duty Transportation cases will require both the model and a display case purchase.

FREE SHIPPING in the USA - Note that our model prices include shipping and insurance within the USA.

Shipping costs outside the USA will depend on the display casel size ordered and shipping destination. You will be responsible for any applicable taxes or duties, based on the commercial invoice value.

NO SALES TAX (except for California residents)