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Great Lakes Frieghter Models

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We have previously made the Paul Tregurtha, the Edwin H. Gott,, the SS Alpena, the Hon James L. Oberstar, the Algoma Intrepid, and, of course, the Edmund Fitzgerald, and can make any of them in any size or scale desired. 

As the models are made to order, you can customize them if you want with any color, name or home port. If there is another Great Lakes vessel you would like to commission, we'll need a thorough photo set, and ideally drawings for reference.

The MV PAUL R. TREGURTHA  Replica Model  shown is a 1/190 Scale - 64.02". MV Paul R. Tregurtha is a Great Lakes-based bulk carrier freighter. She is the current Queen of the Lakes (the largest ship operating on the Great Lakes complex). This model is on permanent display in the Ships Gallery at the Museum of Science and Industry, in Chicago, Illinois.

A side note on the Edmund Fitzgerald modlel, not long ago we made a 48-inch replica for the grandson of the ship’s captain for his personal collection.