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Acrylic Cover Only

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This is a one piece clear Acrylic cover without a base. Typically the customer ordering the cover only either already has a baseboard to mount on, or simply wants an Acrylic cover for their intended display.

Keep fingers and dust off your model forever.  Our Acrylic Cover protects and enhances your model's beauty and will add a touch of modern decor and a “museum like” look to your model presentation.

Our cases are only made to order.

Please contact us for a quote on a made-to-order display case.  When requesting a quote for a custom build display case, please provide 1) the desired INTERIOR dimensions, allowing for "breathing room" space between the model and interior walls, 2) the display case type and 3) the wood stain/finish desired for the baseboard (if applicable). For case lengths over 36 inches we recommend going with a wood framed case.

Custom built cases are our specialty!   

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