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 The 62 vessels in the Los Angeles class, also known as the LA-class or the 688-class, submarines are nuclear powered fast attack submarines equipped for anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, show-of-force missions, insertion of Special Forces, strike missions, mining and search and rescue. As of 2012, 42 of the class are still in commission. Built since 1982, the Los Angeles Class submarines are equipped with a vertical launch missile system with twelve launch tubes, armed with both the land-attack and anti-ship version of the Tomahawk missile from Raytheon. The land-attack Tomahawk has a range of 2,500km. Tomahawks can be fitted with a nuclear warhead which is not normally carried on the Los Angeles class. The anti-ship Tomahawk missile is equipped with an inertial guidance and an active radar and anti-radiation homing head. The range is up to 450km. The submarine  is also fitted with four 533mm torpedo tubes located midships together with a Mark 117 torpedo fire control system. The submarine has the capacity for 26 torpedo tube launched weapons including Tomahawk missiles, Harpoon missiles and Mark 48 ADCAP torpedoes. The Gould Mark 48 torpedoes combat both high-performance surface ships and fast deep-diving submarines. The torpedo is capable of operating with or without wire guidance and uses either or both active and passive homing. It is equipped with multiple re-attack modes which operate if the target ship is missed. The torpedo carries out programmed target search, acquisition and attack procedures.These modern submarines form the backbone of the U.S. Navy’s submarine force.

Hull Number  
Hull Number
Flight I   Flight II (with VLS)
Los Angeles SSN688   Providence SSN719
Baton Rouge SSN689   Pittsburgh SSN720
Philadelphia SSN690   Chicago SSN721
Memphis SSN691   Key West SSN722
Omaha SSN692   Oklahoma City SSN723
Cincinnati SSN693   Louisville SSN724
Groton SSN694   Helena SSN725
Birmingham SSN695   Newport News SSN750
New York City SSN696   Improved 688 (688i)
Indianapolis SSN697   San Juan SSN751
Bremerton SSN698   Pasadena SSN752
Jacksonville SSN699   Albany SSN753
Dallas SSN700   Topeka SSN754
La Jolla SSN701   Miami SSN755
Phoenix SSN702   Scranton SSN756
Boston SSN703   Alexandria SSN757
Baltimore SSN704   Asheville SSN758
City of Corpus Christi SSN705   Jefferson City SSN759
Albuquerque SSN706   Annapolis SSN760
Portsmouth SSN707   Springfield SSN761
Minneapolis-Saint Paul SSN708   Columbus SSN762
Hyman G. Rickover SSN709   Santa Fe SSN763
Augusta SSN710   Boise SSN764
San Francisco SSN711   Montpelier SSN765
Atlanta SSN712   Charlotte SSN766
Houston SSN713   Hampton SSN767
Norfolk SSN714   Hartford SSN768
Buffalo SSN715   Toledo SSN769
Salt Lake City SSN716   Tucson SSN770
Olympia SSN717   Columbia SSN771
Honolulu SSN718   Greeneville SSN772


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