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L: 59.5 W: 16.75 H: 19.75 Inches


Our newly designed Canoe Table is 100% handcrafted by experienced and skillful boat builder. It was made of Canadian western red cedar and encapsulated in fiberglass. It is constructed with all the same techniques used to build traditional wooden canoes. This canoe has been converted into a beautiful table with a full glass top and stand. You can use it as a coffee table or display it in your home or office. It’ll make a great conversation piece.


About Woodenboat USA™ :

For years, professional canoe guides and outfitters have relied on plastic or fiberglass for their fleets of boats. Each of them has its own merit. One is inexpensive, the other light. But none of them has the beautiful look.

At Woodenboat USA™, we are determined to make something stunning beautiful and at the same time strong, durable and light weight.

How can we achieve all of these? All of out canoes/kayaks are assembled from strips of top graded Canadian cedar (a very rare soft yet very strong timber) and then encapsulated in fiberglass with epoxy resin. For more information on owner care, please visit our web site at

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Canoe Table 5 Feet


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