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Amphibious/Attack Transports were designed to sail to the site of amphibious operations carrying assault troops and support equipment. APA/LPAs had the capacity to hold a full battalion of troops, including all facilities for troops including, berthing, messing , medical and dental care, and recreational facilities. In 1942, when the AP number series had already extended beyond 100, it was decided that these amphibious warfare ships really constituted a separate category of warship from conventional transports. Therefore, the new classification of Attack Transport (APA) was created and new numbers were assigned to fifty-eight APs then in commission or under construction. In 1969, all APAs in the US Navy were designated LPAs.

Any service era or vessel configuration - We can build a model of them all - your pick.

We offer our Attack (Amphibious) Transport ship (APA/LPA) models in several size/scale offerings: 12 inches, 28.43 inches (1/192 scale), 33.6 inches (1/150 scale), and 45.5 inches (1/1120 scale).  We offer these popular sizes for easy ordering and selection.  However, if you would like your model made in a size other than those sizes listed, please contact us with your request. Custom orders are our specialty!


APA-1 Doyen ex AP-2 APA-53 Warren ex AP-98  APA-103 Queens APA-153 Laurens APA/LPA-208 Talladega
APA-2 Harris ex AP-8 APA-54 Wayne ex AP-99 APA-104 Westmoreland APA/LPA-154 Lowndes APA-209 Tazewell
APA-3 Zeilin ex AP-9 APA-55 Windsor ex AP-100 APA-105 Shelby APA-155 Lycoming APA/LPA-210 Telfair
APA-4 McCawley ex AP-10 APA-56 Leedstown ex Wood (AP-101) APA-106 Hansford APA-156 Mellette APA-211 Missoula
APA-5 Barnett ex AP-11 APA-57 Gilliam APA-107 Goodhue APA/LPA-157 Napa APA/LPA-212 Montrose
APA-6 Heywood ex AP-12 APA-58 Appling APA-108 Goshen APA-158 Newberry APA/LPA-213 Mountrail
APA-7 Fuller ex AP-14 APA-59 Audrain APA-109 Grafton APA-159 Darke APA-214 Natrona
APA-8 William P. Biddle ex AP-15 APA-60 Banner APA-110 Griggs APA-160 Deuel APA/LPA-215 Navarro
APA-9 Neville ex AP-16 APA-61 Barrow APA-111 Grundy APA-161 Dickens APA-216 Neshoba
APA-10 Harry Lee ex AP-17 APA-62 Berrien APA-112 Guilford APA-162 Drew APA-217 New Kent
APA-11 Feland ex AP-18 APA-63 Bladen APA-113 Sitka APA-163 Eastland APA-218 Noble
APA-12 Leonard Wood ex AP-25 APA-64 Bracken APA-114 Hamblen APA-164 Edgecombe APA-219 Okaloosa
APA-13 Joseph T. Dickman ex AP-26 APA-65 Briscoe APA-115 Hampton APA-165 Effingham APA/LPA-220 Okanogan
APA-14 Hunter Liggett ex AP-27 APA-66 Brule APA-116 Hanover APA-166 Fond Du Lac APA-221 Onedia
APA-15 Henry T Allen ex AP-30 APA-67 Burleson APA-117 Haskell APA-167 Freestone APA/LPA-222 Pickaway
APA-16 J. Franklin Bell ex AP-34 APA-68 Butte APA-118 Hendry APA-168 Gage APA/LPA-223 Pitt
APA-17 American Legion ex AP-35 APA-69 Carlisle APA-119 Highlands APA/LPA-169 Gallatin APA-224 Randall
APA-18 President Jackson ex AP-37 APA-70 Carteret APA-120 Hinsdale APA-170 Gosper APA/LPA-225 Bingham
APA-19 President Adams ex AP-38 APA-71 Catron APA-121 Hocking APA-171 Granville APA-226 Rawlins
APA-20 President Hayes ex AP-39 APA-72 Clarendon APA-122 Kenton APA-172 Grimes APA/LPA-227 Renville
APA-21 Crescent City ex AP-40 APA-73 Cleburne APA-123 Kittson APA/LPA-173 Hyde APA/LPA-228 Rockbridge
APA-23 John Penn ex AP-51 APA-74 Colusa APA-124 LaGrange APA-174 Jerauld APA/LPA-229 Rockingham
APA-25 Arthur Middleton ex AP-55 APA-75 Cortland APA-125 Lanier APA-175 Karnes APA-230 Rockwall
APA-26 Samuel Chase ex AP-56 APA-76 Crenshaw APA-126 St. Mary's APA-176 Kershaw APA/LPA-231 Saint Croix
APA-27 George Clymer ex AP-57 APA-77 Crittenden APA-127 Allendale APA/LPA-177 Kingsbury APA-232 San Saba
APA-28 Charles Carroll ex AP-58 APA-78 Cullman APA-128 Arenac APA/LPA-178 Lander APA-233 Sevier
APA-29 Thomas Stone ex AP-59 APA-79 Dawson APA-129 Marvin H. McIntyre APA/LPA-179 Lauderdale APA/LPA-234 Bollinger
APA-30 Thomas Jefferson ex AP-60 APA-80 Elkhart APA-130 Attala APA-180 Lavaca APA/LPA-235 Bottineau
APA-31 Monrovia ex AP-64 APA-81 Fallon APA-131 Bandera APA-181 to APA-186, all unnamed, canceled, 1944 APA/LPA-236 Bronx
APA-32 Calvert ex AP-65 APA-82 Fergus APA/LPA-132 Barnwell APA-187 Oconto APA/LPA-237 Bexar
APA-33 Bayfield ex AP-78 APA-83 Fillmore APA-133 Beckham APA/LPA-188 Olmsted APA-238 Dane
APA-34 Bolivar ex AP-79 APA-84 Garrard APA-134 Bland APA-189 Oxford APA/LPA-239 Glynn
APA-35 Callaway ex AP-80 APA-85 Gasconade APA-135 Bosque APA-190 Pickens APA-240 Harnett Canceled
APA-36 Cambria ex AP-81 APA-86 Geneva APA-136 Botetourt APA-191 Pondera APA-241 Hempstead Canceled
APA-37 Cavalier ex AP-82 APA-87 Niagara APA-137 Bowie APA/LPA-192 Rutland APA-242 Iredell Canceled
APA/LPA-38 Chilton ex AP-83 APA-88 Presidio APA-138 Braxton APA-193 Sanborn APA-243 Luzerne Canceled
APA-39 Clay ex AP-84 APA-89 Frederick Funston APA-139 Broadwater APA/LPA-194 Sandoval APA-244 Medera Canceled
APA-40 Custer ex AP-85 APA-90 James O'Hara APA-140 Brookings APA-195 Lenawee APA-245 Maricopa Canceled
APA-41 DuPage ex AP-86 APA-91 Adair APA-141 Buckingham APA/LPA-196 Logan APA-247 Mecklenburg Canceled
APA-42 Elmore ex AP-87 APA-92 Alpine APA-142 Clearfield APA-197 Lubbock APA/LPA-248 Paul Revere
APA-43 Fayette ex AP-88 APA-93 Barnstable APA-143 Clermont APA-198 McCracken APA/LPA-249 Francis Marion
APA/LPA-44 Fremont ex AP-89 APA-94 Baxter APA/LPA-144 Clinton APA/LPA-199 Magoffin  
APA/LPA-45 Henrico ex AP-90 APA-95 Burleigh APA-145 Colbert APA-200 Marathon  
APA-46 Knox ex AP-91 APA-96 Cecil APA/LPA-146 Collingsworth APA-201 Menard  
APA-47 Lamar ex AP-92 APA-97 Dauphin APA-147 Cottle APA-202 Menifee  
APA-48 Leon ex AP-93 APA-98 Dutchess APA-148 Crockett APA-203 Meriwether  
APA-49 Ormsby ex AP-94 APA-99 Dade APA-149 Audubon APA/LPA-204 Sarasota  
APA-50 Pierce ex AP-95 APA-100 Mendocino APA-150 Bergen APA-205 Sherburne  
APA-51 Sheridan ex AP-96 APA-101 Montour APA-151 La Porte APA-206 Sibley  
APA-52 Sumter ex AP-97 APA-102 Riverside APA-152 Latimer APA-207 Mifflin  


Our models are made-to-order, meaning that we do not stock any pre-made models.  Only when a customer tells us the size and/or scale desired do we build the model. Each model is exquisitely crafted by our master model builders and comes fully assembled with a solid hull - hand carved from kiln-dried mahogany.  Other parts are made from a variety of woods, putty, resin and metals. Every model includes pedestals, a polished mahogany base board, and a name plate.  Options include keel block mounting, waterline models, ships seals and ribbons, and weathering paint schemes.

The model build time is generally 24 weeks from receipt of the order and deposit. The normal procedure is a 50% deposit with the commissioning, with the balance due prior to shipping.  Note that prior to shipping, we take a series of photos of the model and send them to you for final review and approval – so you know exactly what your model will look like and allow for any necessary modifications. Once you have approved your model, we’ll collect the final balance and she will be shipped in a robust shipping crate and insured for your protection.

FREE SHIPPING in the USA - Note that our model prices include shipping and insurance within the USA.

Shipping costs outside the USA will depend on the model size ordered and shipping destination. You will be responsible for any applicable taxes or duties, based on the commercial invoice value for the model.

Add a museum-like touch to your model display - Consider our protective display case option. Keep fingers and dust away - forever!  Please visit our Display Case page to see our selection.

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