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The first of the Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyers (DDG) was commissioned in 1991. These destroyers weapons systems are built around the Aegis Combat System, and the SPY-1D multi-function phased array radar. They are designed as multi-role destroyers – well equipped for  AAW (Anti-Aircraft Warfare), ASUW (Anti-Surface Warfare) and ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare). To date, 66 Arleigh Burke class destroyers have been commissioned, in various configurations, termed Flights.  Any service era or vessel configuration - We can build a model of them all - your pick.

  Flight I
1 Arleigh Burke DDG-51
2 Barry DDG-52
3 John Paul Jones DDG-53
4 Curtis Wilbur DDG-54
5 Stout DDG-55
6 John S. McCain DDG-56
7 Mitscher DDG-57
8 Laboon DDG-58
9 Russell DDG-59
10 Paul Hamilton DDG-60
11 Ramage DDG-61
12 Fitzgerald DDG-62
13 Stethem DDG-63
14 Carney DDG-64
15 Benfold DDG-65
16 Gonzalez DDG-66
17 Cole DDG-67
18 The Sullivans DDG-68
19 Milius DDG-69
20 Hopper DDG-70
21 Ross DDG-71
  Flight II
1 Mahan DDG-72
2 Decatur DDG-73
3 McFaul DDG-74
4 Donald Cook DDG-75
5 Higgins DDG-76
6 O'Kane DDG-77
7 Porter DDG-78
  Flight IIA ships: 5"/54 variant
1 Oscar Austin DDG-79
2 Roosevelt DDG-80
  Flight IIA ships: 5"/62 variant
1 Winston S. Churchill DDG-81
2 Lassen DDG-82
3 Howard DDG-83
4 Bulkeley DDG-84
  Flight IIA ships: with 5"/62 no 20 mm CIWS variant
1 McCampbell DDG-85
2 Shoup DDG-86
3 Mason DDG-87
4 Preble DDG-88
5 Mustin DDG-89
6 Chafee DDG-90
7 Pinckney DDG-91
8 Momsen DDG-92
9 Chung-Hoon DDG-93
10 Nitze DDG-94
11 James E. Williams DDG-95
12 Bainbridge DDG-96
13 Halsey DDG-97
14 Forrest Sherman DDG-98
15 Farragut DDG-99
16 Kidd DDG-100
17 Gridley DDG-101
18 Sampson DDG-102
19 Truxtun DDG-103
20 Sterett DDG-104
21 Dewey DDG-105
22 Stockdale DDG-106
23 Gravely DDG-107
24 Wayne E. Meyer DDG-108
25 Jason Dunham DDG-109
26 William P. Lawrence DDG-110
27 Spruance DDG-111
28 Michael Murphy DDG-112
29 John Finn DDG-113
30 Ralph Johnson DDG-114
31 Rafael Peralta DDG-115
  Flight III
1 Thomas Hudner DDG-116

We offer our Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer Models (DD and DDR) in several popular size/scale offerings for easy ordering and selection.  However, if you would like your model made in a size other than those sizes listed, please contact us with your request. Custom orders are our specialty!

Our Destroyer models are made-to-order, meaning that we do not stock any pre-made models.  Only when a customer tells us the size and/or scale desired do we build the model. Each model is exquisitely crafted by our master model builders and comes fully assembled with a solid hull - hand carved from kiln-dried mahogany.  Other parts are made from a variety of woods, putty, resin and metals. Every model includes pedestals, a polished mahogany base board, and a name plate.  Options include keel block mounting, waterline models, ships seals and ribbons, and weathering paint schemes.

The model build time is generally 24 weeks from receipt of the order and deposit. The normal procedure is a 50% deposit with the commissioning, with the balance due prior to shipping.  Note that prior to shipping, we take a series of photos of the model and send them to you for final review and approval – so you know exactly what your model will look like and allow for any necessary modifications. Once you have approved your model, we’ll collect the final balance and she will be shipped in a robust shipping crate and insured for your protection.

FREE SHIPPING in the USA - Note that our model prices include shipping and insurance within the USA.

Shipping costs outside the USA will depend on the model size ordered and shipping destination. You will be responsible for any applicable taxes or duties, based on the commercial invoice value for the model.

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