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Project 971 Щука-Б (Shchuka-B, 'Shchuka' meaning "pike", NATO reporting name "Akula"), is a nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) first deployed by the Soviet Navy in 1986. The class is also known under the name Bars (meaning "snow leopard"). There are four sub-classes or flights of Shchuka, consisting of the original seven "Akula I" submarines which were commissioned between 1984 and 1990, six "Improved Akula" submarines commissioned between 1991 and 2009, one "Akula II" submarine commissioned in 1995 and one "Akula III" commissioned in 2001. The Russians call all of the submarines Shchuka-B, regardless of modifications. Some potential for confusion may exist, as the name Akula (Акула meaning "shark" in Russian) was used by the Soviets for a different submarine, the Projekt 941 which is known in the West as the Typhoon-class. By contrast, the Projekt 971 (the subject of this article) was named Shchuka-B by the Soviets but designated as the "Akula-class" by the West after the name of the lead ship, K-284.

# Project Name NATO Shipyard Laid down Launched Commissioned Status
K-152 971I/09719 Nerpa/ INS Chakra Akula II[28][29] Amur Shipyard 1993 4-Jul-06 28-Dec-09 Pacific Fleet. Has been leased out to India from the end 2012 to 2022.
K-154 971 Tigr Akula I Improved Sevmash 10-Sep-89 26-Jun-93 29-Dec-93 Northern Fleet Overhaul underway since September 2011
K-157 971 Vepr Akula II Sevmash 13-Jul-90 10-Dec-94 25-Nov-95 Northern Fleet
K-263 971 Delfin Akula I Amur Shipyard 9-May-85 28-May-86 30-Dec-87 Pacific Fleet, removed from active service, status unclear
K-284 971 Akula Akula I Amur Shipyard 6-Nov-83 16-Jun-84 30-Dec-84 Pacific Fleet. 2001 removed from service
K-295 971 Samara Akula II Amur Shipyard 7-Nov-93 5-Aug-94 28-Jul-95 Pacific Fleet[ To undergo overhaul and modernization[
K-317 971 Pantera Akula II Sevmash 6-Nov-86 21-May-90 30-Dec-90 Northern Fleet
K-322 971 Kashalot Akula II Amur Shipyard 5-Sep-86 18-Jul-87 30-Dec-88 Pacific Fleet, removed from active service, undergo overhaul and modernization.Under Negotiation for lease to India 
K-328 971 Leopard Akula I Improved Sevmash 26-Oct-88 28-Jun-92 15-Dec-92 Northern Fleet Overhaul underway since November 2011
K-331 971 Magadan Akula II Amur Shipyard 28-Dec-89 23-Jun-90 31-Dec-90 Pacific Fleet Undergoing overhaul
(ex Narval)
K-333 971U Rys Akula II Sevmash 31-Aug-93 x x Not completed. Hull used for Alexander Nevsky SSBN (project 955 Borei)
K-335 971 M Gepard Akula III Sevmash 23-Sep-91 17-Sep-99 5-Dec-01 Northern Fleet
K-337 971U Kuguar Akula II Sevmash 18-Aug-92 x x Not completed. Hull used for Yuri Dolgorukiy SSBN (project 955 Borei)
K-391 971 Bratsk Akula II Amur Shipyard 23-Feb-88 14-Apr-89 29-Dec-89 Pacific Fleet, removed from active service, to undergo overhaul and modernization 
K-419 971 Kuzbass Akula II Amur Shipyard 28-Jul-91 18-May-92 31-Dec-92 Pacific Fleet, in repairs since 2010 Overhaul still underway
K-461 971 Volk Akula I Improved Sevmash 14-Nov-87 11-Jun-91 29-Dec-91 Northern Fleet
K-480 971 Ak Bars Akula I Sevmash 22-Feb-85 16-Mar-88 31-Dec-88 Northern Fleet. Removed from service 1998.[18] Scrapping since February 2010.
K-xxx 971M not named Akula II Sevmash 1992 x x Not Completed. Hull used for Vladimir Monomakh SSBN[18] (project 955 Borei)
K-xxx 971I/09719 Iribis Akula I Improved Amur Shipyard 1994 Nov-16 Jul-17 Construction halted at 60% completion. May be completed and leased to India and may be Join Indian Navy 1st Qt 2018.

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